Clarity Behavioral Health Software (Clarity BHS) is proud to announce the partnership with and substantial funding investment from Kernel Equity for Clarity BHS’s innovative SaaS product, Engage. Designed to revolutionize patient care and operational efficiency in psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment centers across the United States, Engage marks a new era in behavioral health technology.

Clarity BHS, committed to serving the inpatient behavioral health market, brings together a team of experienced behavioral health and technology professionals. The company’s mission is to deliver high-quality solutions that facilitate better patient outcomes and increase hospital profitability.

Engage is a tablet-based software product developed to improve patient satisfaction with their treatment, decrease staff stress when delivering therapy services, and improve hospitals’ financial performance. The user-friendly design and sophisticated features make it an indispensable tool for healthcare providers in the behavioral health sector. Mike Tacke, Co-Founder, and CEO of Clarity BHS, shares his enthusiasm:

“Our partnership with Kernel Equity is enabling us to continue working towards bringing Engage to life. This product is more than just software; it’s a catalyst for transformative changes in the behavioral health industry.”

Kernel Equity, known for its strategic investments in promising start-ups, sees the potential of Engage and Clarity BHS. Their involvement and investment are instrumental in bringing this product to the market. Hospitals and residential treatment centers seeking to enhance their service delivery and improve patient outcomes are encouraged to explore the benefits of Engage.

Clarity BHS is a pioneering start-up specializing in behavioral health technology. They provide high-quality SaaS solutions to psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment centers across the USA, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and increasing profitability.

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